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Win at Life

Supercharge your goals and systems

A fresh interpretation that combines finite and Infinite goals against the systems that come together to help you achieve it

Effective Learning Header
Win at Life

Effective Learning powered by Science

There is a strong body of research around learning techniques and their effectiveness. What does your learning style look like? Are you carrying over some weak practices? In any case, knowing what else is out there can help you elevate your technique.

Gut brain axis
Win at Life

Gut Brain Axis and Productivity

The gut microbiome is the unsung hero of our body. It plays an active role in our physical and mental health. This post is a look at how it contributes to our productivity and what wee can do to boost it

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How to be a Productivity Ninja

A structured revisit of Graham Allcott’s 2014 book, “How to be a Productivity Ninja”. Designing a powerful infographic to convey the core message of the book and cover the key insights from the author

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Win at Life

Be a Kitchen Warrior – Winning through Workflow

There is no greater lab for workflow design at home than the kitchen. Let’s break it down to its logical elements and optimize. We explore a powerful system of organization that encourages us to cook more and cook better

Circadian Boost for Work Life Balance
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A “Circadian” Boost to Work Life Balance

Working from home has opened a new chapter of self realization. Many of us were unprepared for it, but hiding behind the chaos is an opportunity. In this post we will look at how both newbies and veterans of the work from home crowd can benefit from understanding what our body’s clock is, what it does and how do we benefit from putting it to work for us instead of against us.


Deep Work by Cal Newport

In this widely discussed book, Cal Newport, addresses Deep Work. The article distills the book into it’s core elements and the arguments presented by the author. It also tries to extract practical tips the reader can use in daily life