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Win at Life

Supercharge your goals and systems

A fresh interpretation that combines finite and Infinite goals against the systems that come together to help you achieve it

My personal tech stack
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Steal my Personal Tech Stack

Use my tried an tested set of tools to manage your information ecosystem. My tech stack will help you tame your tasks, farm ideas and create an efficient archive

Catching an Idea

A Practical Guide to Having Ideas

Ideas do not happen in a vacuum. Slow hunches meet the adjacent possible in a liquid environment of connected thoughts to blossom into them. This article will help you understand what nature and the history of innovation can teach you about having more ideas.

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Introduction to Networked Note-taking

Let me introduce you to the idea of Networked Note-taking and what it can do to your idea engine. We will also talk about a few applications for this new style of approaching a notes management system.

Life OS ecosystem
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A Practical Life OS (Ft. ClickUp)

In this article I will give you a tour of my personal Life OS setup. This includes a quick overview of my daily hardware, followed by the software and apps that make this possible. I will talk about how they come together using actual workflows.

Effective Learning Header
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Effective Learning powered by Science

There is a strong body of research around learning techniques and their effectiveness. What does your learning style look like? Are you carrying over some weak practices? In any case, knowing what else is out there can help you elevate your technique.

Gut brain axis
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Gut Brain Axis and Productivity

The gut microbiome is the unsung hero of our body. It plays an active role in our physical and mental health. This post is a look at how it contributes to our productivity and what wee can do to boost it

Win at Life

Life OS Elements: The ARC Model

Continuing our journey into building a Life OS. This installment crafts the logic of our digital extension and equips you to design your own

Productivity Ninja Header

How to be a Productivity Ninja

A structured revisit of Graham Allcott’s 2014 book, “How to be a Productivity Ninja”. Designing a powerful infographic to convey the core message of the book and cover the key insights from the author

Win at Life

Introduction to Life OS

This article is an invitation to follow along if you would like to know more about what a Life OS is and to decide if it is for you. If you decide to get onboard, then this article becomes Part 1 of an ongoing series in creating and maintaining a Life OS.