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20 Years of tackling Productivity

I’ve held various capacities as a Banker and continue to as an Entrepreneur, working with small and medium firms. Each company or founder was a different experience. Yet they were all united in their quest for higher productivity.

There’s a lot that I’ve learned in trying to optimize processes in my own company and in my clients’ to improve productivity, efficiency and cost. Those lessons can be applied into our own lives and into the organizations we pour our efforts into.

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Systems and Tools to identify what needs to be done and the best way to do it

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Don't be the person who lives life as intervals between work. Take control of it

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Tools and hacks curated from the world of online productivity. Find out what fits your workflow

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Physical work-spaces don't just have to look good for Instagram, they have to function


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My personal tech stack
Win at Life
Arunkumar Rajasekaran

Steal my Personal Tech Stack

Use my tried an tested set of tools to manage your information ecosystem. My tech stack will help you tame your tasks, farm ideas and create an efficient archive

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Win at Work
Arunkumar Rajasekaran

ClickUp Toolkit for Workflow Design

We will take our first steps in understanding what tools are available at our disposal and define a framework to understanding their place in the system. This will setup a foundation for structuring using ClickUp.

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Workflow design Header
Win at Work
Arunkumar Rajasekaran

Introduction to Workflow Design

In this article we will talk about Workflow design. What it means, what it is made of and how it looks like in practice. Later, I will illustrate the fundamentals of workflow design and suggest some of the online tools available

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Obsidian Header
Win at Work
Arunkumar Rajasekaran

A Beginner’s Guide to Obsidian

If you have not yet heard of Obsidian, then this article is perfect for you. At the end of this article you will have the necessary information to create an interconnected extension of your thoughts and ideas

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Here's a powerful incentive for you to get started with Scheduling effectively

The "Work-Life in Time Blocks" System

Time is critical and you know that. But somehow the various tasks seem to creep up on you and make it difficult to get through a day. Is your Task manager and Calendar at war with each other? Does every day end with items being carried forward to the next day? Does it take occasional wake up calls from the family to address the mountain of unfinished things outside of your work?

Do not ignore this as “part of the game”. It’s usually an early warning sign of an improper system of scheduling (or no scheduling at all). Fortunately help is available and, as a follower of this blog, it won’t cost you a thing. Let me introduce you to the “Work-Life in Time Blocks” system.

Derived from long standing industrial techniques meant to improve productivity, the system can help you bring order into chaos. Regular use of the system can bring the mythical creature of “Work Life Balance” closer to reality

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